The Artist


Painting is the best way for me to express my emotions. Through colors and shapes I am able to show feelings more directly and emphatically than words might allow.

My work has also been influenced by personal travels in Brazil, southern France, and Spain. Here joy in life, light, and color all play special roles. For example my work with the olive tree begins by representing its strengths, stability, and steadiness – a further source of inspiration for me. After studying jewelry design at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, I was a student at the Kunstschule ARTelier Michael Siegel, master student and lecturer at the Städelschule (University of Art) in Frankfurt. Since 2008 I have been doing regular studio works together with Professor Martin Oswald at the University of Art, Weingarten, Germany. Since 2010 I am studying art with Prof. Jerry Zeniuk, Academy for Color painting, Bad Reichenhall, Germany.